celebrating the messy and unknown

a podcast + zine series celebrating the messy and unknown.
on a mission to break society's obsession with perfection.

Katie Von Schleicher musician
Allison Kunath fine artist and muralist
Rachel Howe artist + spiritual advisor
Ashley Smith intuitive healer + sacred tea practitioner
Meg Lewis designer + founder
Sarah Prikryl director + producer  
Ben Henretig director + producer
Diego Fontecilla ecotourism photographer
Alicia & Carolina Piney Wood Atlas
Kritsa & Lindsey Almost 30 Podcast
Tina Essmaker co-founder of The Great Discontent, writer, speaker
Matt King talent buyer for Mississippi Studios + Revolution Hall
Sarah Schulweis founder of Anchor & Orbit
Marti Martin co-founder of Bridge + Bloom
Kari founder of Kairos Ceramics
Sarah Judd Welch founder of Loyal
Eric D. Johnson musician, Fruit Bats

Issue 1

The process is where we get vulnerable. Where we have breakthroughs, and break downs. Where we learn. Where we fall and rise back up.

The beauty of making something isn’t in the end product. It's in the messy unknown. In the dark. It’s in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. The beauty of our work lies in the process. That's what we're sharing with the world. Follow along with us on our journey to making The Process. Sign up below:


Shannon Lee Byrne

Still looking for a place to call home, Shannon is a writer, community builder, marketing strategist, and podcaster. She’s worked with several brands in tech and travel. She’s the founder of A Song A Day, a human-powered music curation service and has produced several concerts benefiting Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Arts for LA.

With a resume that spans PR, communications, and marketing, Shannon’s passions lie in writing pieces that either help people feel less alone or grow their small businesses. She also has a knack for connecting people and creating shared experiences.

When not working on projects, she’s hiking, at a concert, a ballet class, running around a park, reading, playing with a stranger’s dog, trying to learn something new, traveling, or exploring wherever she is calling home at the moment. Most recently, that was Portland, OR and has also been Brooklyn, NY and St. Petersburg, FL (where she was born).

A part of the process she loves is… 

the braindump part when an idea finally clicks and the words come flowing out of my finger tips.  

Her least fav part is… 

editing the above for brevity. ;-)

A memorable breakthrough moment is… 

I might come to regret this but right now, it’s deciding that I don’t need to wait another five years to try to make this mag a reality.


Hannah Ellen Spencer

Based in LA, Hannah is a creative director and designer with experience in strategy, concept development, branding, typography, and information design across print and digital platforms. She works primarily within the lifestyle, food/beverage, technology, fashion, and wellness industries. She’s also worked in SEO and in data and user behavior analysis to create higher converting sites and maximum brand engagement.

In her spare time, Hannah leads her local community garden as the coordinator. She also helps a local non-profit organization focused on the slow food culture create consistent branding, messaging, and engage new members.

Hannah’s previous experience as a professional barista and baker (pastries and sourdough) sparked her passion for food and coffee culture. She’s originally from Michigan where she was homeschooled - but hippy style, not religious style. She has a beautiful dog named Lola and enjoys working with her hands through pottery, macrame, weaving, crocheting, and sewing.

What’s a part of your process you love is... 

Researching, finding where a new idea can thrive in the competitive space

Least fav part is... 

Selecting the specific idea to move forward with, the decision can be crippling when you can see all the potential

Your fav breakthrough moment…

Usually comes after I’ve had to take a break because I was stuck