Ep 12: Paul Jarvis on defining what the fuck you want in life and how to authentically build trust and relationships

Paul Jarvis is a designer, writer, marketer, podcaster, and course creator. I highly suggest subscribing to his weekly Sunday Dispatches where he shares his authentic insights on business, marketing, and the industry in general. They're pretty entertaining too, often making me chuckle out loud. 

Paul has never taken a traditional path. He dropped out of university, left a successful agency job, built a successful freelance design career, and then left that to build products. Somewhere in there, he was also a touring musician for a long time. Today, he's designed a life and business that allow him to reach his goals and live a life that makes him happy. That means working, sure, but also having plenty of time to garden, hike, and make vegan food with his wife. 

I'm super grateful to call Paul an internet friend. I appreciate his honesty, candidness, and passion for helping people take a better, smarter, and more authentic approach to business. We talk about all of those things in this episode. Listen and check out the show notes below. There is some cursing so maybe ear muff any children who are around.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • how Paul carved his own path and ignored the one carved for him
  • how to design the life you want, you need to know what the fuck you want
  • finding the sweet spot for money motivation so that you don't end up in a job you hate  
  • Paul's upcoming book, Company of One, coming out January 2019
  • when it makes sense to keep your business small   
  • looking at marketing as a way to build trust and relationships rather than "hustling"
  • injecting your personality into your "marketing" or messaging 
  • how to have fun with marketing rather than fall into the gimmick trap 
  • how Paul convinces people to not buy something so he's left only with people who need his products 
  • how to determine if there's a market for your offering 
  • doing what we should do vs what we can do and how we need more wisdom in this world
  • going where the people you want to reach are 
  • why and how to get to know people in relevant industries 
  • the importance of wealth building and passive income via investing 
  • saying no to things that aren't going to benefit your life and saying yes to those that are
  • saving money for a purpose not just because

Books, podcasts, and resources he mentioned:

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