Ep 15: Sofia Quintero on loving your failures and giving less fucks

I'm so stoked to share this episode. Like many people on this show, Sofia is a friend, collaborator, mentor, and someone I look up to so, so much. Not only for her professional accomplishments, but I love Sofia's energy and outlook on life. This woman has mastered the healthy work hard, play hard routine. She also has a super interesting story. 

In this episode, she shares the story of her unconventional career path as a marketer, change management consultant, skate shop owner, magazine founder, Starbucks barista, strip club secretary, marketer again, to today as the founder & CEO of Nom Nom Insights. She also talks about growing up in Venezuela, living in London, unique ways of finding what some people call "balance," the importance of dance party Fridays, loving your failures, and more. 

Show notes 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Being flexible with hobbies; doing what you enjoy rather than forcing it 
  • Growing up in Venezuela 
  • Moving to the UK, rebuilding her career while learning english and working all jobs sets of jobs from Starbucks to a receptionist at a strip club 
  • How she found corruption in the Venezuelan government 
  • Loving your different failures 
  • How she kept starting things no matter how hard she failed or how loud her negative self talk was
  • Spending your twenties in fear of following your creative pursuit and how she overcame that fear by following her intuition 
  • Lifestyle trend FOMO 
  • The power of regret and wanting to avoid it 
  • Maximizing the time you have without burning out 
  • How we should remind ourselves of death constantly in order to give less fucks

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