This is The Process

The Process is a podcast and journal exploring the day-to-day challenges of creative people turning their art into a businesses.  

We’ll chat with people from a variety of creative fields including illustrators, designers, musicians, cafe owners, florists, yoga teachers, journalists, dancers, bakers, chefs, film makers, tech startup founders, and more.

The theme of the show is creative problem-solving. We’ll touch on where ideas came from and how these makers got to where they are today. But the show’s real focus is on the everyday process behind their work. We’ll talk about the challenges they face and how they’re overcoming them.

We’ll cover manufacturing, marketing, anxiety, stress, support systems, the happy moments, the sad ones, productivity, energy, belief systems, heroes, decisions, and a ton more. We hope each episode leaves you feeling empowered and equipped with the tools you need to get started on your project or business.

Who's this "we" I keep referring to? 

Myself and our guests. I see each person who touches The Process as a member of the community and part of the brand. Who am I? 

👋 I'm Shannon. I'm a freelance writer, podcaster, marketer, and curator of things - mostly music. I've been helping startups and small businesses tell stories and build community for over eight years.

I also founded A Song A Day ( in October of 2014. We're a collective of curators sending hand-picked songs to people's inboxes daily . I book shows for fun usually benefiting organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Arts for LA. 

Currently located in Portland, OR, I'm originally from St. Petersburg, FL and spent a few years in Brooklyn, NY in between. I travel a lot and consider anywhere with an open door a potential home. 

I've been talking about The Process as an allusive idea for over two years. I originally envisioned it as a print publication - and who knows, maybe that will happen one day! But for now, I'm keeping it simple.

It was inspired by the amazing people I'm surrounded by every day doing incredible things. I love talking to people about how they get their shit done without falling apart, and figured you'd want to hear their stories too. 

I hope you walk away feeling like you can not only do that thing you've been wanting to do - but that you're the best person to do it now.  It's nice to feel like you're not alone, stranded on an island. Let's build a sailboat together! ❤️

Photo by Jenu Prasad

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